Stimulating Baby’s Development With Toys: Types of Toys for Stimulating and Interacting With Babies

Baby DevelopmentAccording to the Center of Effective Parenting, a stimulating environment is important for baby development. The book Lippincotts Manual of Nursing Practice (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) by Sandra M. Nettina states that the growth and development of a child begin once he or she is born.

The stages of development a child goes through are predictable and may be used to provide developmentally appropriate stimulation. Toys stimulate the baby’s sense of sight, touch and motor development.


Toys for Sight Stimulation

A baby has a blurry vision at birth, but during his or her second month of life, his or her vision will improve.

Between weeks 4 and 8 of a child’s life, he or she will be able to follow moving objects and focus on stationary objects.

A child’s sense of sight is stimulated by providing things for him or her to look at.

Toys that can stimulate a baby’s sight are those that are brightly colored and have contrasting colors such as black and white. Brightly colored mobiles with moving figures that are hung over a baby’s crib also help with sight stimulation as well as baby mirrors.

One such toy is called a baby gym which increases the baby sight stimulation.


Use Toys to Stimulate Hearing

An infant’s sense of hearing is active once he or she is born. The Center for Effective parenting suggests that babies prefer the human voice over all other sounds. Therefore, parents should talk to their babies as much as possible.

The sense of sound is also essential in language development. Toys used to stimulate a child’s sense of hearing include music boxes, rattles, and toys that make music.


Toys for Tactile Stimulation

The sense of touch in a child is stimulated by providing him or her with toys that have different textures such as wooden blocks, soft terry cloth blocks and plush toys, like a soft, plush teddy bear.

Touching a baby when he or she is hugged, fed and given a bath are also ways of stimulating his or her sense of touch.


Use Toys to Develop Motor Skills

At birth, most of a baby’s movements are involuntary or random in nature, but at about a month old, an infant’s movements become more deliberate.

Toys used to stimulate a baby’s motor development are those they can pick up and move around with such as blocks, soft blocks, and rattles.

Activity boards also help in the baby development of motor skills.

Play and parental interaction stimulate babies as well as toys. Activities such as walking outside with a baby stimulate their sense of sight and sound.

When a baby is outside, he or she sees trees and animals. A baby can also pick up leaves or run his or her hands through water.

Playing peek-a-boo with babies, talking and singing to them, and pointing to and saying the names of different parts of their bodies are some ways through which they can be stimulated.

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